So long and thanks for all the Douglas

The 700 Hoboes Project is starting what may turn out to be a weekly challenge, where all of the principal artists render a hobo based on a single name from the list.*

This week's hobo is "Douglas, the Future of Hoboing." My entry is a tribute to the late, great Douglas Adams of course, beloved author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy.**

550 Douglas the Future of Hoboing

*The goal of the 700 Hoboes Project was to illustrate each of 700 hobo names which esteemed author and television personality John Hodgman saw fit to include in his almanac of complete world knowledge, The Areas of My Expertise. This mission is complete. However, we are not the cut-and-run types and will probably continue recycling the names until we are all dead in the cold cold ground, scribbling our hoboes on the lids of our collective coffins. See also: Zombie Army.

**Not a trilogy.

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