Roscoe, originally uploaded by halcyonsnow.

Who wants chicken and waffles?

Bear, in ill-fitting hat

Bear, in ill-fitting hat, originally uploaded by halcyonsnow.

Ah, I get it. Not a grizzly bear, but, you know, a hairy man.

256: Stain-Sucker Duncan

256: Stain-Sucker Duncan, originally uploaded by halcyonsnow.

I made a new hobo. Because I couldn't think of another type of hat for a bear to wear. Or something. Anyway, up with hoboes.


Abductors, originally uploaded by halcyonsnow.

Way back when, some friends of mine were forming a Misfits cover band. I don't know what became of the band, but I do know what became of the t-shirt designs: they were buried somewhere in my backup hard-drive.

Lefty wants you to buy dedicat ed

Lefty, originally uploaded by halcyonsnow.

For some reason, I drew a baby t-rex, hurling an iPhone.

If you have an iphone or a kindle and an extra five bucks, you ought to really support the arts:

Dedicat Ed


Dedicat Ed is coming to kindle2

For those who don't know, Dedicat Ed is a heartwarming story of a foul-mouthed midget who wants to play in the NBA, and his sister, a pragmatic prostitute. You know, the American dream.

It was written by myself and Eric Fleming under the pen name "Teardrops & Bunnys". This is explained in the book. Joy!

Another dream come true.

Another dream come true., originally uploaded by halcyonsnow.

Don't you sometimes wonder if humans are suffering from a lack of predation?